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Have you ever worried about the following?

“The teacher has complaint again that my child doesn't pay attention in class! Is he being left behind in studies? Will he miss the best chance to learn as he doesn't seem interested in learning?”

“I really don't know what the best toys are for my kid! He gets bored with the same toy quickly, even though it's still new.”

Have faith, your child do love learning. He or she is just not interested in the way of learning. In our JELIC classroom, children can concentrate working on their own for almost an hour! Bring your kids to our JELIC classroom and witness their passion for learning!

JELIC multiple-intelligences class will help your child

JELIC is a set of learning tools to develop both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It consists of 450 learning boxes, containing over 3000 multiple intelligences games. Every step of the JELIC learning program is carefully designed and well integrated into a complete and well-sequenced curriculum of hands-on exercises and thinking, to stimulate and develop children's full potential at their own pace.

JELIC was developed by international experts, including early childhood education experts, mathematicians, and psychologists, using the multiple intelligences concept of Howard Gardner, the child psychology theory of Jean Piaget, and the teaching philosophy and method of Maria Montessori.

What is “JELIC”?


Unique attributes of JELIC

1. Learn by doing

Children learn not only via visual and audio acts, but most importantly they learn by manipulating with their little hands (which are the child's most important learning tool) to get both the left and right brain connected in the learning process.

2. Learn by themselves

Teachers' main role is to guide the children to learn by themselves. Teachers observe the children and offer guidance at the request of students.

3. Develop in-depth thinking and creativity

There is a surprise in each box! Children like challenges and never withdraw when facing them. Children will learn to see things from different angles and perspectives. Innovative and creative ideas to solve problems always come up while playing with the JELIC games.

4. Develop a sense of order and respect for others

Learning in the JELIC classroom is always in a quiet and an orderly manner. Children will learn to manipulate their own materials and return them in place when finished. At the same time they will develop concentration and self management, and respect learning process of others.

5. Worldwide use

JELIC is used worldwide, with 20 classrooms in the US, 10 in Canada, 100 in China, 200 in Taiwan, 30 in Singapore, 5 in the Philippines, and 10 in Hong Kong.

The 6 domains of JELIC

The 6 domains include: Intelligent Reasoning, Mathematical Deduction, Life Skills, Linguistic Expressions, Aesthetic Creation and Combinational Thinking.