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What is Orff Music?

Carl Orff is a famous German composer and music educator. He and his team designed a creative and inspiring music teaching method in the 20th century which was nothing like the tradition of learning music by sitting quietly. Orff approach is now one of the mainstream music teaching methods.

Orff Music advocates “learning from experience”, which put great emphasis on local culture, and it integrates activities such as percussion, songs, rhythm, poetry recitation, dance, instrumental ensemble and improvisation to let children feel music and enjoy music. Orff Music supports children’s learning through play, and it aims to inspire children's imagination, enhance their creativity and bring out their potential talents in music. What can children learn from Orff music?

1. Rhythm

The combination of rhythm and dance enhance the children's induction to music and their expression of music. When being equipped with a strong sense of rhythm, children can then connect music with different movements naturally, such as using their bodies to express light and heavy, static and dynamic, high and low etc, which will lead them to explore and understand the concept of space, and to gain a better perception of their own bodies.

2. Singing and appreciation of music

Through local and foreign songs, children learn how to express their different emotions, and refine the pitch and beat of their singing. In addition, listening to poems and expressing their feelings through movements encourages them to listen closely, which not only cultivates their love for music, but also helps them to calm down and better manage their emotions.

3. Instrumental ensemble

Musical instruments include body sounds, percussion instruments, and Orff instruments. From solo to group ensemble, children can come to enjoy the fun of playing instruments and understand the importance of cooperation when work in groups.

4. Creative teaching

Through trying outs and improvisation, children's imagination and association skilled are nurtured. They are encouraged to think more, communicate with others more and express themselves better.